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High Temperature Withstanding Plastics

Niru Plastics Pvt Ltd has the capability to process specialty plastics like PEEK,PEK,PPS,PBI and others.
The plastics have very good strength to weight ratio and are suitable for defence application,aircraft, drilling,railway or offshore industry.
They possess the properties of chemical resistance, strength, toughness of metals and ease of use of plastics.

Continuous High Temperature use till +260 Degrees and special blends can withstand even higher continuous temperatures.
Continuous low temperature use till -50 Degrees
Resistance to Concentrated acids and chemicals
Negligible wear and tear
High abrasion resistance
Nuclear radiation resistance
Sterilizable up to 3 cycles
Components Currently Manufactured
Cable Ties for Nuclear
Currently Cable Ties for Nuclear Industry in sizes ranging from 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 350mm.
New Requirements
If any special component that requires to be operated at high temperature OR has to withstand chemical corrosive environment you can feel free to contact us for development of the same.